Certifications, Licensing, and Testimonials

Every company to legaly operate and provide a service to clients and customers at the bare minimum must have commercial liability insurance.


Commercial auto insurance and commercial liability insurance certificates should have the customers name and complete address at the bottom of the page listed as additional insured. This will protect you, the client, and the property in the event of an unforeseen accident or injury to a person or property. This will also ensure to the client that should there be any potential issues with the contractors insurance over the winter months they will be notified because they are listed as additional insured. The certificates of insurance must come directly from the insurance carrier. At no point should you ever accept a photocopy or scanned version of a certificate of insurance.

Every employer must provide to its companies employees a policy covering workers compensation insurance, as well as the proper weekly filling of payroll records and necessary tax withholdings from paychecks. When requested, we will provide you proof as these policies and filings, as any legal and legitimate company operating today must have these items in place. Our company employees must pass background checks, I-9 verification, and must possess valid drivers license as well as state issued licenses to operate heavy equipment and machinery (example) and links


NH Salt Institute
We are one of a handful of companies first certified 2 years ago by the State of New Hampshire NHDES Salt Applicator Certification program. We currently hold a master certificate awarded thru this program. Each year we are required to maintain education standards in the following areas:

  •  Equipment Calibration
  • Anti-Icing
  • Brine Making
  • Pre-wetting with Brine and Other Liquids
  • Effecient Application Rate Changes with Pavement Temperature
  • Effective Plowing
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Salt Accounting
  • Environmental Impacts
NH Salt Institute Certification


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